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SMM for events


What is SMM? 

SMM (Social media marketing) is one of the important points in the event management that means involving the users or attention to a brand or a product through various social media. 


Forms of SMM display in organization of a group event. 

SMM is focused on creating a content which people will share on social media independently, without the organizer’s participation. 

The messages transferred on social media are considered more trustworthy by potential consumers of goods or services. It is based on the referral scheme of distribution on social media due to the social communications which are the cornerstone of interaction. 


How to  promote events on social media?

How to form brand and product recognition during announcement or post announcement of events on social media? 

Promotion on social media allows to influence target audience pointwise, to choose platforms where this audience is more present, and the most suitable methods of communication with it, at the same time least affecting the people who are not interested in this advertisement. 

Registration of the user on the page event on social media, the mark about desire to attend or participate in the event, sharing information about an upcoming event by users among the friends via posting news on the page may be considered the SMM display in event management. 

MICE Travel is one of the few companies in the market which has SMM specialists in the team and provides support of events on social media. 

If we speak about external group of users (partners, clients), SMM helps to remind of company, to provide information on the upcoming event for the existing users and to draw attention of the new ones. 


Forms of SMM display in organization of an event for the internal group? 

Speaking about internal group of users (staff), SMM is useful for employees’ communication, reports of necessary and important information from the company, etc.


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