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Who organizes events?

Event management in Europe and worldwide is provided by the services of the category PCO (Professional convention organizers). But market grouping of event management in Ukraine is different from any other because of the tax and legislative rules. 

MICE Travel organizes events both in Ukraine and abroad, and also carries out functions of the tour operator. 


What kinds of events can be organized? 

One of our main services is organization of events and trips. MICE Travel consists of 3 departments responsible for event management: 

- Technical and logistic supply of events (conference service) in Ukraine and the CIS countries

- Operator department of forming a tourist product

- Marketing services in organization of events on a turn-key basis 


What kinds of audiences can be engaged? 

Organizing meetings, we face the following categories of target audience:

The external group: events for the current or potential clients of the customer (promotion actions, presentations, conferences, congresses, exhibitions, trips with demonstration of production or sales technologies); 

The internal group: events oriented on training or improvement of motivation of employees or captive audience, participants of the customer’s business processes (trainings, seminars, incentives, loyalty programs, team building meetings, corporate parties). 


Distribution of initiation in the market of business tourism, IMEX 2016:


 Key difference of our work standards in event management is a possibility of ordering both a range of services and one particular service. 


What does organizing an event on a turn-key basis mean? 

A widespread expression "on a turn-key basis" often bears double standards. Here’s what we mean when we use it:

- Forming an event brief

- Identification of the purposes and forms of the result assessment for the customer

- Event budgeting

- Forming of an event calendar, media plan of announcement

- Forming of a technical rider, a brand book of the meeting

- The report and a post announcement (photo, video, writing articles and adaptation for the media plan)

- Result analysis

 All of the services mentioned above can be well provided separately, when we understand purposes of the customer.


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