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What is the difference between an incentive and a tourist trip? 

Incentives are characterized by the increased responsibility for quality of service and creating a positive emotional atmosphere! Budgets of the companies, which they are ready to spend on such events (depending on external or internal group of participants), are in certain cases equal to promotional costs and the salary funds. And it is justified! The choice of the company, that will organize incentive trips and events, is as important as a choice of the service provider of advertising and promotion of your trademark or goods in the market.

The next year’s sales of the client or deduction of key employees for the company may depend on the quality of the incentive trip with the customer's clients to Sri Lanka or the corporate alloy on the Bug river.


The main qualifications in initiation of the trips, ITB 2015


The organization of incentive trips and events in Ukraine and abroad differ significantly. When organizing events abroad MICE Travel acts as the operator of tourist services and performs foreign economic activities independently. 

During the last few years our profile directions in the marker are Europe, the USA and Great Britain.


How to conduct the planning and the budgeting of the intencives? 

Organization of the incentive trip differs from a purchase of touristic services mostly because of the other type of economic activity. The company cannot purchase tourist services neither for the employees, nor for the clients, but there are also some other important conditions:

- Lack of the flexible periods for a trip

- A guarantee of quantity and quality of the tourist and accompanying services provided* (ATTENTION: standard agreements of operators always provide the right of service replacements or changes in the program when selling services on the mass destinations)

- Individual approach and service 

Organizing the trips on a high season, we always analyze the expediency of logistics on regular flights and monitor charter flights, but we recommend our clients not to book package offers or charter flights in order to preserve the quality. 


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