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Destination management


What is the DM company and what are the services of the organization of trips? 

MICE Travel – Destination Management Company.

Nowadays even the companies with staff of two people  use services of agency to book railway tickets, flights or hotels and to register travel documents. First of all, you save the time and resources which become even more valuable when there are only two employees.

Secondly, it really helps to save your company’s money. 


What is the difference between business trip service and tourist service? 

What is the difference between the DMC MICE Travel service and independent booking or travel agency services:

- Professionalism and standard education

- Business ethics and standards of booking registration

- Support of the personal manager 24/7

- Internal resources of the company 


Why does the agency service save your budgets? 

Of course, the reserved room in hotel will not change whether we call it the "tourist" service or "placement service". But for the company which systemically organizes trips for the employees, clients and partners, it is important because:

- Tourist services can not be considered the company’s expenses (except for the subjects of agency tourist activities)

- Booking and paying fees by cash or via payment cards is a problem of the reporting of any company 


How to receive fair discounts for booking flights and hotels? 

When working with us:

- There is no restriction on payment forms or hidden commissions

- You independently choose standard regulations of registration services (itemized accounts or a complex)

- You do not overpay for our service charge, because we have the commissions from the producer of service that does not make it more expensive for you even if you only book once

- You can manage your company’s expenses for trips and obtain ready data for the further analysis


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