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Conferences and congresses


What is the difference between a conference service and services of the organization of participation in congresses and exhibitions? 

For the last five years MICE Travel has been successfully organizing participation and attending of the international exhibitions and congresses by representatives of agrarian, pharmaceutical and IT sectors. The company is also an organizer of a complete cycle in Ukraine. We want to confidently declare that this service is not just about booking tickets or a hotel. 

First of all, we would like to emphasize, that in Ukraine 60% of these events are b2b congresses and conferences, and only 40% – b2c. But the market that provides such services and organizes this type of events is 100% oriented toward the customers of the company and not toward individuals.


 What forms of participation are there in conferences and congresses?

 MICE Travel can be the high-quality supplier of the following services in organizing of the events for both internal and external groups of target audience:

- Development of the concept and materials for profile conferences

- Budgeting and forming of the technical rider

- Forming of the event’s content (speakers, focus groups, marketing researches, requests of statistical and standard data, etc.)

- Forming of media of the plan for action announcement

- Development and production of materials for an event’s brand book

- Technical supply and maintenance

- Provision of the ready decision for registration of participants, SAAS system

- Development of the events website, forms of online registration and support of events on social media

- Photo, video reports

- Post announcements and distribution of materials via target mailings

- Search of information and technical partners and sponsors


 How to budget trips to congresses and conferences?

 For the corporate segment MICE Travel offers the following logistics services of the organizing the visits of the international congresses, conferences and exhibitions:

- Registration of the company or of the participants, payment of the registration fees

- Organizing the payment of an exhibitor’s fee (registration, rent or production of stands, rent of the exhibition spaces)

- Support of programs for bayers: organization of business meetings, production and demonstrative locations

- Forming of a route of a trip and the questions of visa maintenance

- Provision of the accompanying services (translation services, rent of the conference equipment, incentive programs, concierge services)


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